Ultimaker 2

The Ultimaker 2 is the second printer from the Dutch company Ultimaker. This printer has quite a reputation and has got a good place on the market share for the consumers.

According to 3D Hub, it occupies 7.9%, followed by the Replicator 2 manufactured by MarketBot. You can have a global preview on the following chart :

Printer Model Distribution April 2015

Event the l’Utlimaker 1 arrived 4th.

The Ultimaker 2 was released in septembre 2013. In april 2015, Ultimaker enlarged the line with 2 new printers which are more declination : Ultimaker 2 Go et Ultimaker 2 Extended. The Go can print a smaller volume and the Extended will gave the chance to printer higher models.

Ultimaker 2 is between 5 to 12.5 microns precise and 30 to 300 mm/s fast for printing. You can find all the specifications on this page.

Anyway, I won’t do another on this printer in May 2015 after 2 years old for the printer. What you need to know is : that’s a quality printer. If some of the students from the Institut G4 Paris read this post, they might tell themselves it’s not really true due to all the handiworks I could have made on the printer, but it’s another story I will tell later on this blog.

For whom who don’t know me, I’m working at the Institut G4 and the students have now access to Ultimaker 2 printers since spring/summer 2014.
I’m a 3D passionate so I was really glad to get this tool so my creations can go from virtual to real life really easily.

Students asked me to print different objects, then I could try my hand and discover the hazards of 3D printing. I met diverse fails but also the solutions to avoid them. I found most of the solutions searching on Internet, or asking the Ultimaker community.

Issues have been listed as I told you in here. I’ll hurry to translate this guide in French and illustrate it with examples.

I hope the extra information I’ll bring will help Internet users to understand how those things work.

En attendant, à bientôt!


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