Hello everyone!

I’m gonna share with you one of my most amazing project I ever did in my life.

I already started it before I launched this blog. I was wondering for a little while before starting it. I talked with a friend of a friend who build one and told me it’s not that easy because you had to do everything by your own, it might take a little while before being fully functional. Also, I wasn’t sure because it’s investment to buy one. But after lots of discussions with myself, I followed advices of some friends and I decided to do it. To do what?

To build my own 3D printer! Yes indeed, I’m not an expert in electronics, I’m not a handyman, I’m terrible with hardware, but what ever, this opportunity was too much exciting not to do it.

People might think building a 3D printer is not the most exciting thing you could do in your life. They’re may be right. Nevertheless, we arrived at a point of technologies evolution where everything is possible. Now, it’s open to every one to build his own 3D printer, modelling objects from his imagination and give life to this objects to print them.


According to diverse researches, 3D printing as we know started in the 80ies. From its beginning , we have now the opportunity to have our own personal 3D printer. You can buy it, you can use on-line 3D printing services or you can build it and that’s what we’ll talk here.

Some guys made conceptions and research around that and that’s the RepRap project. You have different models, with different prices. Honestly, I would really thank the people who worked on that project, to improve it, to find new experimentation and share it with the world using Internet. And it’s nice to use Internet for its original purpose: sharing knowledge.

There are many models, but the one I choose is the FoldaRap. Why the FoldaRap you might ask? It’s because it’s easily transportable and not too big. Transportability is quite an issue for me because I moved about every year or every 2 years since about 10 years.


Also, even if I never had a Flat as big as my Parisian Flat for my own, the FoldaRap is not that big, so it won’t take so much room, but that’s more a personal concern.

So, according to the wiki, it’s now on the version 2.2 and its value is around 600€. There is different options. You can buy a complete kit. For example, you can order one on OpenEdge and it will cost you 679.36€ including VAT and shipping prices. It’s might be the easiest way to get one.

But since I’m bit of a crazy guy, I won’t buy a full kit. I will do it my way.

You can have a look at the Buyers Guide to see the details of the different parts needed to build it.

You have the list of everything you need, but it’s quite tricky, because sometimes, the websites won’t have enough of the spare parts and you will miss one or two pieces. But no problem! I will explain to you who I bypassed this.

But the most amazing thing with this is you had to print 3D parts for your 3D printer!!!
How cool is that! Printceptions! Okay you just print some of the structures, not the whole printer, but anyway, that’s still pretty amazing and fun to do! Also, you will start to spare some money: you can buy the printed parts, but it can cost you 117.36€. It’s still cheaper than buying a 3D printer to print those parts. But I’ve got the chance to have a 3D printer around to do so.

This project is still at its beginning, but I will post here the different steps of the construction of my FoldaRap. For the moment, I’m waiting to receive the pieces I ordered, and I don’t have ordered all of them yet. I will post pictures of the evolution and when it’s fully finished, I made some videos where I explain to you everything about my Rap.

Don’t miss a step and follow me!


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