In the end of May, I explained how I started my project to start a FoldaRap. I’m still buying the parts of it. I made another order on Sunday. I’m almost done, I now need to print the parts, to order few mechanicals parts and electronic part for the alimentation of the printer.

That’s tricky, because where I compare the buyer’s guide and building manual, I notice some parts aren’t listed into the guide.

I try to avoid a maximum of on-line order, so I don’t have that much of delivery costs. For the moment, I bought around 300€ of materials, including an order 85€ made last Sunday.


I took a picture of all the parts I’ve got :

  • 11 x aluminium slots (5 of 200mm and 6 of 300mm)
  • 5 x M4 T-nuts
  • 30 x M3 nuts
  • 30 x M3x16 bolts
  • 30 x M3x20 bolts
  • 30 x M3x25 bolts
  • 30 x M3x30 bolts
  • 2 x M3x35 bolts
  • 5 x 603zz bearings
  • 1m x T2.5 belt 5mm
  • 1 x T2.5 pulleys
  • 1 x direct drive gear
  • 1 x roll of kapton
  • 1 x 1A Nema 14
  • 4 x 0.8A Nema 14
  • 1 RepRappro Hotend
  • 2 x  small fan (40 x 40 x 10 mm)
  • 3 x 100k thermistors

I ordered the rests of the nuts & bolts, the ferule and other parts like the plate for the printer or laser cut parts.

I order the materials on the website recommended on the Buyer’s Guide:

Be careful, because there are parts such as the threaded rod which are sold by meter and you need 230 mm. Fortunately, a friend of mine can cut it. If you order one, be aware you need some tools to do it or to look for someone to help you.

The only thing I don’t know how to deal with is the 300mm smooth rod. I need to unmount my old classic HP printer to see if the rods can be use for it.

Also, the last thing I need to do is to print the parts. I’ll do it in a couple of week using available ABS and PLA filaments to have a colourful FoldaRap!

Nevertheless, I’ll be doing a video about choosing the different parts which will be the first of the tutorials. I remind you I’ll put those videos online when the printer is finished.

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