About July…

You might have notice I didn’t post a thing or almost this past month. Indeed, I’ve been really busy this month, because I’m moving back in London! I found a new job in the heart of Soho, I’ll be moving with my girlfriend, and I’m sooooo excited about this.

Everything happened so fast and I had to sort out my flat, moving out, traveling to London, etc. Also, with the end of the session 2014-2015 at the Institut G4, I’ve been really busy at work.

So not so much time for me and for 3D printing unfortunately. I’m also really disappointed, because I tried to print the FoldaRap and things went awfully wrong so I wont be able to print it before moving in London. Anyway, I’ll find another solution and I will tell you everything about it.

With a whole new life coming in few days now, it might be difficult for me to feed the blog as much as I want in the following month.

Whatever, despite the lack of news in here during the summer, I hope to come back really soon to do crazy 3D printing stuffs. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and your holidays!


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