Back in Business

Hello everyone,

After many weeks of silence, I try to come back in here. As I told you in the previous post, I just moved in UK, more precisely  London as the thumbnail picture of this post can tell you.

I found a awesome flat with my girlfriend and we’re now buying the furnitures and doing the decoration (actually, she’s taking more the direction for this than me).



We’ve got a lot of things to buy so my 3D printing projects are a bit slow down. Also, I didn’t expect the fact I couldn’t print the parts for the FoldaRap, so I need to get around 100€ for those.

Nevertheless, I now have a room where I can work on this project and it’s better than doing it in the kitchen , as planed before in my Parisian flat.


Another project I started to work is for a company of a friend, Exosoft, which is a board game company. I started to work on figurines, but unfortunately, the moving process took time and I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted.

Other projects

Also, things moved on in my head and I’ve got other projects of 3D Printers. Made of recycled elements, of Lego, Internet is full of inspiration to do new projects and to share them with you.

Also, my twitter followers might saw it, I started a inspiration board on Pinterest focus on 3D Printing.

I invite you to follow this board and my twitter account. Both of them are quite frequently feed. For my french friends, you can like the facebook page, but I’m not doing that much update on it yet.

I hope to start the videos for the FoldaRap as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I’ll post other things in here anyway.


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