Finally! It’s been almost a year I started the project. It’s have been delayed , ‘cauz more important things happened in my life actually since I started. But now, I’m ready to go.

Since the last post, I bought the rest of the required equipment to build the FoldaRap. So I’m doing a quick sum up to list what I ordered and I start to build it!

I haven’t took the time yet to count the final cost of the whole operation. I will do it at the end of the projet, because I might need to buy extra items during the mounting of the printer.


So I ordered the rest of the metal parts on Fix’n’vis:

  • 110 x M4x8 round head bolt
  • 20 x M5 nylon nut
  • 20 x M3 nylock nut
  • 30 x M3x8 bolt
  • 30 x M3x10 bolt
  • 20 x M3x30 countersunk bolt
  • 2 x M5 230mm threaded rod

On RadioSpare, I purchased:

  • big blue switch
  • Standard male plug IEC C13 C14
  • 10 x springs (20mm x 4.63mm)
  • 10 x springs (31mm x 4.5mm)
  • 50 x ferules (6.35 x 0.81mm)

I commanded on RepRapWorld:

  • 18AWG wire (rated 5A): 1m red, 1m black, 1m yellow
  • Motherboard Minitronics v1.1
  • 2 Flexible Motor coupling 5mm to 5mm

I already made an order on OpenEdge, but I haven’t found cheaper items. So I made a new purchase:

  • FoldaRap – Underplate
  • FoldaRap – Y-carriage
  • 3 x Linear bushing RJMP-01-06
  • 2 x Pneumatic fitting (Dimension: MA-12-03-M5)
  • 3 x Mechanical Endstop
  • 2 x Female Ferrule 2.54mm
  • 6 x Female Ferrule
  • 6 x Male Ferrule
  • 6-pin Male Casing
  • 6-pin Female Casing
  • 2-pin Casing

But I realized I forgot to order some items… So I bought:

  • Aluminium bed
  • Film heater
  • 40mm Fan Grill (coming with an extra fan)

And finally, I bought on eBay the power supply block and the printed part.

As shipping, the cost depends from where you living (obviously) and if it’s the first time you order on some websites, shipping can be free!

BUT, be focus on what you’re doing, because you might have to reorder on some websites. For my personal case, as told before, I forgot to buy some items on OpenEdge, so I had to pay twice for delivery (about 10€ every time).
Also, I might ordered more elements than I need for some case. I will see as soon as the printer is done, and I believe it’s still useful to have spare parts.


I will sum up at the end, what I could not buy, where you could find some cheap material, or maybe would it be more interesting to buy it straight away as a kit? I will provide the list of the links where I get the material.

Anyway,  at the end, I will do a full review of the project. It’s quite ambitious to do it that way, I might should buy a  normal kit from the beginning.

I’m quite excited to start and to finish it! Things are getting serious!

Stay tuned, things will move on soon! Also, I’ll be filming the mounting and everything will be on a new YouTube channel I will start for this occasion (fully in english, I hope everyone will understand me).


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