3DIYRap#03 – WIP

After a mouth, what can say but it’s mounted!!! I’m so happy to have it finally finished! Does it print? Weeell not yet… It’s been delayed, because I realised some of the instructions weren’t accurate enough. Indeed, following them, I figured out I needed 6 of 200 mm aluminium beams instead of the 5 indicated…

And it was the same issue for the bed belt. It’s indicated to use a “250 mm belt” which is actually the other belt (for X-Axis) so it’s noting but the 600 mm one. But when I cut the 1 m belt, it was already too late. I cut 25 cm from it for the X-Axis, cutting 25 cm extra left me with 50 cm which way to short for a clean motion, whatever I try to tinker.

My other issue was with the pneumatic fittings and my bowden tube. It’s a 4 mm outside diameter furnished with my hot end. But this is not the specific hot end from the FoldARap kit, nor the on described into the building manual, but for a RepRapPro Huxley. It’s not a big deal because everything is provided so the print head can work. Mixing the info of the two building instructions, I succeed to build it and it’s now working.

The bowden tube end next to the cold end provided with the hot end to purchased on the buyer’s guide won’t work the hole of the printer part.

It could potentially work stretching the whole a bit, but I experienced with the Ultimaker 2. There’s a lot of pressure during the extrusion, so if the tube is not well fixed, it will pop out when the extrusion begins.
Whatever I tried to attempt, this end is not designed to fit into this piece.

bowdenAnd it won’t work with the pneumatic fitting purchased on OpenEdge. The PTFE tube is 4 mm and I should get the MA-12-04-M5 instead of the MA-12-03-M5, but I haven’t realised this when I ordered them.

Having all this issues was quite nightmarish and had to order new parts to finish the build.
One aluminium beam is not expensive at all, less than a pound or a euro per unit, but the shipping cost at least 10-15€, quite enormous bill for such a tiny command.

After many researches, I went back to OpenEdge, but unfortunately, there was no beam in stock when it happened. Finally, diving a bit more into RepRapWorld, I found those beams!

I tried to make a clever command to minimize the shipping costs and I look furthermore to the instructions and the buyer’s guide to be sure I had everything I needed, and try to prevent potential fail which could happen.

So I get the missing 200mm aluminium beam, a 2.5mm pitch timing belt (one meter long), a 4mm bowden tube adaptater and a 1m 4-wire cable. I realised the Nema 17 Extruder motor doesn’t have any pin so I wouldn’t be able to connect it to the control board.

Retrospectively, it’s a shame I couldn’t do the order on OpenEdge, because, the 4 mm pneumatic fitting MA-12-04-M5 would be fitting the printed piece I had. I received my new pneumatic fitting, I realised it couldn’t go inside this piece.

Actually, the extruder gave me a lot of troubles, because I realised also those two pieces and the stepper motor aren’t in line:




So that’s one of the reasons I’m not able to print. I zip-tied the motor to the printed parts, but it’s not well fixed since the motor is only hold by the screw and the zip-ties, that’s not enough to  keep the pressure on.


But the major issue comes from this pneumatic fitting which is not able to hold in place and keeps popping out because of the pressure. Same thing than before, but it’s mainly because the printed part is not designed for a large piece of metal such as this one. I tried to expand the hole, but it was pointless, I tried to dig deep, but it was too large.

So after all this problems, I decided to modelise an suitable piece for the pneumatic fitting.
Also, the motor support was quite weak, and I needed a new one. Unable to print them, I buy those printed parts through 3D Hubs. I received them and mount them.Picture 1

Now the printer is orange and red! I finally mount them. The screws are aligned, the pneumatic fitting fits and the extrusion is going really smoothly.

I need to make few adjustment and I will be able to print!

Stay tuned 😉


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