In the end of May, I explained how I started my project to start a FoldaRap. I’m still buying the parts of it. I made another order on Sunday. I’m almost done, I now need to print the parts, to order few mechanicals parts and electronic part for the alimentation of the printer.

That’s tricky, because where I compare the buyer’s guide and building manual, I notice some parts aren’t listed into the guide.

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Hello everyone!

I’m gonna share with you one of my most amazing project I ever did in my life.

I already started it before I launched this blog. I was wondering for a little while before starting it. I talked with a friend of a friend who build one and told me it’s not that easy because you had to do everything by your own, it might take a little while before being fully functional. Also, I wasn’t sure because it’s investment to buy one. But after lots of discussions with myself, I followed advices of some friends and I decided to do it. To do what?

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