Lego 3D Printers

We all love those little bricks from Denmark. Playing with this and everything is possible.  And everything is possible with 3D printers. Doing the previous post, I realised many DIY printers are made of Lego’s.

Instead of writing about that previous post, I decided to made a post 100% about 3D printers in Lego. The machines I’ll be showing you are printing glue, plastic, Lego, or even chocolate!

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3D Printers in kit

As you may know, the main subject of this blog is 3D Printing, 3D Printers, especially DIY 3D Printers.
At first, when I fall in love with 3D Printing, I had a Ultimaker2, and time after time, I didn’t see other option than building my own.

I’m not that a handy man as I already said, but now, everyone can afford to start this kind of crazy project: Internet is here to help us!
Today, we will talk about 3D Printer kits.

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6 Things to know before starting to do 3D printing

Since few years now, 3D printers become accessible for personal use, 3D printers you can have in your home, you’d buy if you’re kind of a geek, IT fan, gadget guy or for educational purpose.
For me, it’s pretty clear. I’m quite a 3D nerd and I love to concept objects on my computer since I always dreamed to be an industrial designer. I never though that 3D printing is a alternative I could be able to reach.

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Hello everybody!

Hello boyz’n’girls!

Welcome on 3DIY, blog about 3D printing and creating/printing objects. Here, I’ll help Ultimaker2 user to solve your problems, especially providing a French translation and some complements of the troubleshooting guide made by the 3D Verkstan Swedish team. I’ve got the chance to have a Ultimaker 2 at my office, which gave me the occasion to drive divers tests and then meet some trouble listed in this guide and some new issues.

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