5 methods to unclog the nozzle of your 3D printer

This may be one of the most common problems you might meet with a 3D printer such as the Ultimaker2. Be realistic: the nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm, it’s tiny so it’s fair if it’s happening.

There are different ways to unclog it, but if the nozzle keep clogging, maybe you had to check something else in your printer.  In this post, again we’ll be focus on the Ultimaker2.

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Printing with ABS filament

This post is more for you if you already got a 3D printer. It’s also the occasion to inaugurate the tips category. Today, I’m writing about printing with ABS plastic.

Before going further, and if you want to try this material, be sure your 3D printer got a build-late. It won’t work without. Also, the things I’ll explain are following my experience with the Ultimaker 2, I used this machine to try this material.

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