My objects

I create models for 3D printing. I use Blender to do so. The point of this website is to share ideas, experiences, etc. for free. So instead of creating a special section with all my objects, I give you here the links to download them for free and after, you can print them as much as you want!

So you can download all my objects for free on YouMagine or you can buy them for a small amount of money on cgtraders. I already feel people asking them self (or me) why the deuce would I pay for something I could have for free? Well, that’s a fair question. For the moment, I do this blog on the side of my regular job and I don’t do full time 3D printing – yet . So if some of you like my work, you can soon buy the files so I could help me to get some founds in order to buy the web space, 3D filaments, or even a new 3D printer!


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